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AgNW-PEDOT Hybrid Conductive Ink

  • - Viscosity : 50-100 cps
  • - solid content : < 2%
  • - Solvents : H2O/Alcohols (main)
  • - Matrix : PEDOT:PSS
  • - Metal : Ag nanowires
  • - Drying conditions : 90 °C/3 min

Nanoenics’ AgNW-PEDOT Hybrid Conductive ink consists of Ag nanowires (AgNWs) hybridized with an intrinsic conductive polymer PEDOT:PSS. Specifically, this ink consists of 20-nm diameter AgNW manufactured with our own technology, and this AgNW is self-connected via hybridization with a transparent conductive polymer network. This ink can be applied in roll-to-roll printing processes such as micro gravure and slot die, as well as thin film fabrication via spin coating. Our ink is designed to implement a low-resistance of ≤30 Ω/□ while maintaining a low haze with excellent light transmittance.

Ink Structures


AgNW is self-connected via hybridization with a transparent conductive PEDOT:PSS polymer network.

  • - Ultra-fine diameter silver nanowire (20 nm diameter, 20 ㎛ length)
  • - Excellent dispersion
  • - Process stability
  • - High conductivity
  • - High transparency


  • - High conductivity and transparency
  • - Low temperature curing
  • - Thin coating thickness
  • - Good surface uniformity
  • - Excellent adhesion
  • - Mechanical stability and excellent adhesion
  • - The patterning of AgNW-PEDOT:PSS hybrid film is possible via conventional photolithography processes with etchant (NANOTRON® ET 9011).

AgNW-PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Conductive Film can be obtained directly through conventional wet coating techniques with our ink. This film has a structure such that the AgNW network is embedded in the PEDOT:PSS matrix. This hybrid conductive film may implement a low resistance of less than 30 Ω/□ while maintaining excellent light transmittance and low haze.

Conductive Film Structure

AgNWs network embedded in PEDOT:PSS