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With the development of the city, high-rise buildings appeared.
Thus changing the way we think about the appearance and structure of buildings. They have become an
object of considerable attention. In addition to this, the materials of modern architecture have become so
diverse and now various materials are used such as glass, stone, panel, bricks, plastic, etc.
The importance of the role of silicon has been proven in external and internal applications in the field of
construction industry.
Because of this, recently the market is increasing even in the field of active remodeling etc.
Wonik Cube Co. Ltd. is supplying sealant, for balconies (SS2000), to LG Hausys.Our own technology and
the excellence of our sealant has been recognized by many companies for its quality.

  • Doctor-Sil 929
  • Doctor-Sil 154
  • Doctor-Sil 792
  • Doctor-Sil 992
  • Doctor-sil Bio
  • Doctor-sil 326
  • Doctor-sil 811
  • Doctor-Sil 2000
  • Doctor-Sil 4000
  • Doctor-Sil 881FL
  • Doctor-Sil M7
  • IGS322
SEALANT Product information
Use Name Packing/standard(kg) Remarks
Our sealant is widely used for a variety of construction applications as a multipurpose silicone sealant. This includes uses on windows, doors, window frames, joint sealing and glass glazing. Doctor-sil 929(SS542) 300m/CTG Oxime
Products designed for exterior balcony sealing. Especially, products optimally designed for PVC windows, doors and aluminum adherent. Doctor-sil 154(SS2000) 500ml/SSG
products suitable for curtain wall joint sealing, aluminum frame assembly and Weather Sealing. Doctor-sil 792 500ml/SSG
products suitable for pollution-sensitive porous stones and curtain wall exterior panel. Doctor-sil 992(SS3000) 500ml/SSG
High modulus products designed only for high-performance weatherproof insulating glass secondary sealing. Doctor-sil Bio 300m/CTG Oxime
products suitable for construction such as fixing of bathtub and gap sealing, leak-proof of toilet, vanity and sink etc. Doctor-sil 326 500m/SSG Oxime
products suitable for insulation waterproof of various heaters, boiler exhaust pipe sealing. Doctor-sil 811 300m/CTG Oxime
High performance weatherproof products designed for overall glazing, curtain wall and exterior. Doctor-sil 2000 500ml/SSG
Products for Structural Glazing with excellent mechanical strength. Doctor-sil 4000 300m/CTG Alkoxy
RTV products for excellent adhesion for general industrial materials and the adhesive coating of electrical and electronic components. Doctor-sil 881FL 300m/CTG Oxime
As modified silicone sealant, water-based paint coating possible and used in new joint panel, concrete repair car ship etc. Doctor-sil M7 300m/CTG Alkoxy
silicone sealant for 2-component insulating glass with durability, weather resistance and excellent tensile strength. IGS322 Theme(A) : 270Kg/Drum
Hardener(B) 19.3kg(pail)