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Silicon has a variety of applications such as electronic, chemical fiber, construction etc. some manufacturers in the world preempt the market.

While forming a partnership with Momentive Performance Materials, formerly known as GE-TOSHIBA Silicones and the world's leading silicon manufacturer and supplying basic materials to Korea, we built a plant and R & D center in Chungbuk Jincheon to develop and produce silicone products. We sell a variety of silicone
products such as Momentive Product Fluid (silicone oils), Silan, Resin & Coating. These materials are basic
raw materials, sealant for balcony for building sector, double-layer glass and electrical insulation and
heat-resistance of industrial sector, liquid crystal protection film, and textiles.

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We have been recognized in the market by obtaining the ISO9001: 2001 and the KS F4910 standard
certification in 2007 in the field of construction.We always check for quality control and are expanding
our area to include high value-added special silicone rubber used in electrical, electronic
and automotive industries..